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Subsea cable installation and deployment barge launched

Posted on: December 10, 2015

Making a splash and making history with tidal energy.

We’re making great headway on our goal to become a tidal energy leader. Last week, we completed two major operations in preparation to deploy a 4MW tidal array in the Bay of Fundy in 2016 – the installation of our Y-shaped connector cable at the FORCE site—a world first—and the launch of the Scotia Tide deployment barge in Pictou.

The “Balance of Plant’ cable is an interconnection hub that will connect our turbines to the existing 16MW subsea FORCE export cable . Not only was the operation executed safely, but it’s especially exciting because it’s the first project component to be deployed, and the only system of its kind in the world. We also deployed 300 metres of cable to our berth site at FORCE.

The Cape Sharp Tidal barge, christened The Scotia Tide, took her maiden test voyage around the Pictou Harbour on the weekend. The unique, catamaran-style vessel is the largest heavy lift capacity barge in Atlantic Canada. The 64 metres long, 37-wide, 650-tonne barge has a 1,150-tonne carrying capacity. Purpose-built for deployment and recovery operations, it’s equipped with three heavy-lift winches that give it a unique capacity to lower and raise turbines from the sea floor.

These operations are significant milestones in our plan to install two 2-megawatt in-stream tidal turbines in the Bay of Fundy. And every success related to manufacturing and operations is an important step toward building a tidal energy sector in Nova Scotia.

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